Why Should I join AlgebraInTheCity?

AITC provides students with access to free and affordable educational content. In many parts of the world, progress in closing the attainment gap between the wealthiest and the poorest students is moving at a slow pace. So, our aim is to level the playing field for students from different socio-economic backgrounds. We believe in each child’s ability to excel beyond predicted grades and circumstances.

Our affordable consulting services is also designed to help students and parents understand the opportunities available to them during their child’s educational journey.

For more information about our service offering, please visit the ‘About us’ page.

What consultation services do you provide and what is the cost of the service?

We assist students and parents with the following:

  • Shortlisting high schools and universities; state, private and boarding schools
  • Studying abroad
  • Understanding high school and university entry requirements
  • Researching financial aid options; sports and merit-based scholarships, or grants and loans
  • Referring students to professional experts to review admission essays
  • Reference letters
  • Creating a comprehensive study plan
  • Summer enrichment programs
  • Art, music, sports and academic extracurricular activities
  • Apprenticeship schemes

For more information about our consultation services, please contact us directly.

Which countries do you operate in?

AlgebraInTheCity is registered in London however our services are available to students and parents globally.

Please note that our consultation services focuses on institutions in Africa, Europe and the United States.