AlgebraInTheCity (AITC) is an educational support organization and a consultancy firm founded by Alberta Asafo-Asamoah, as part of her initiative to help close the attainment gap for students everywhere and to provide affordable educational advisory services to students and parents globally.

AITC’s tuition division offers:

  • Free math instructional videos for students aged between 11 and 16, which focuses on the KS3 and KS4 GCSE curriculum in the United Kingdom, the WAEC syllabus across the West African countries and the national math syllabus for United States high school students.
  • An affordable homework platform where instructors are available to help you with homework or general math questions. All you have to do is submit the questions via our portal and receive a response within 72 hours. This allows students to receive help on specific developmental areas.

Separately, our consulting division offers advice to parents and students who need guidance through the education journey.

Our team also partakes in several initiatives through our community outreach programme. A few of which include:

  • Organising free online math tuition classes for student globally and free in-person classes in the U.K

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A virtual teacher

Students are able to shape their study plan by subscribing to AITC’s youtube page and requesting for videos on the specific topics that they want to see AITC’s website will evolve to reflect any updates to the national curriculum, and also in response to feedback from students.


Our consultancy service offers guidance beyond the classroom as we aim to motivate and instill confidence in students by monitoring their progress and ensuring that they meet their targets.

A homework platform

AITC’s math platform offers students the opportunity to receive expert help on questions Submit questions on the GCSE syllabus page or on the ‘Math platform‘.

Research and information

AITC offers a wide range of assistance on a range of subject matters. As such, our one-to-one consultation service is bespoke and based on detailed research and information.

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Although our trading office is in London, our advisory services are available globally for students hoping to study in the UK, the US or in Africa.